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Real Bride DIY: Fabric Flower Corsage

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Real bride Kassie sent in this DIY wedding project that she used to make a corsage for the groom’s mother. She and her husband decided to nix flowers completely in their wedding, instead opting for crystal bouquets and candy centerpieces. So rather than order flowers solely for the corsage, she crafted this fabric bloom printed with her mother-in-law’s children’s and grandchildren’s names. What an innovative way to honor everyone in the family!

Here are the steps she took to create the fabric corsage:


  • Plain printer paper (use scrap paper!)
  • 1 yard fabric (a solid color or with a very subtle pattern that won’t interfere with text)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Needle and coordinating thread
  • Button, brooch, rhinestone, etc.
  • Backing pin (to give the petals support)
  • Craft glue of your choice


    1. Open the template (download here) in a photo program.
    2. Add a layer and put names in the red spaces with a font size that allows all the names to fit but still be legible. Flip four of the names upside down so they’re all oriented the same way around the flower.
    3. Fade the template layer to be invisible when printing.
    4. Cut your fabric to be just slightly smaller than a normal sheet of printer paper.
    5. Tape fabric to paper, or melt a piece of wax paper to your fabric, then peel it off later.
    6. Print the image on the fabric. Kassie recommends using a laser printer because inkjet printers won’t print as cleanly and to set the paper selection to heavy glossy to slow down the feed and keep the fabric from jamming.

    7. Cut out fabric squares.

    8. Fold squares in half diagonally so the fold is above the first letter of each name.

    9. Press each fold with an iron set on low for a crisp edge.

    10. Thread the needle and set aside.
    11. Fold the square in half again across the names to make a triangle.

    12. Fold the square so the tips of the triangle are together.

    13. Trim the tips for a cleaner, tighter flower.


    14. String petals onto thread with the needle and fan into a flower shape.

    15. Pull tight, tie off thread and cut.

    17. Arrange “petals” to desired fullness.

    18. Glue the button/brooch/rhinestone/etc. onto the center of the flower.

    19. Glue the backing pin onto the flower to secure it.

    Thanks, Kassie, for this great project!

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